Wealth Management

for Individuals



Every client who selects Ferguson Wellman is in a unique place in his or her investing life and is facing different opportunities and challenges. Ferguson Wellman and West Bearing Investments have the flexibility to provide meaningful investment resources suited to address all of our individual and family clients’ needs – today and in the future. Examples Include:

  • Ensuring that lifestyle and long-term goals will not deplete assets

  • Identifying income needs and optimizing after-tax returns

  • Aggregating value of assets and assessing net worth

  • Collecting and storing pertinent information in the event of an emergency

  • Analysis of large purchases and sales

  • Providing timely communication regarding the economy and capital markets

  • Offering family members education on savings, investing and retirement


Through our wealth management resources, we strive to take a team approach with clients on decisions that can have a significant impact on long-term goals.


Horizon™ Financial Planning aggregates data to form financial plan and analyzes real-world scenarios to forecast long-term outcomes.

Asset Allocation Modeling helps clients choose appropriate asset allocations that fit their risk-return profiles.

Client Balance Sheet provides an aggregate snapshot of current and historical assets, liabilities and net worth.

Acquisition Analysis enables clients to review scenarios for acquisitions taking into account interest rates, valuation, borrowing and leveraging options.

Comparison Calculations address conversion of Roth IRAs, plans for college saving, Social Security withdrawls and deferrals or sale of low-basis stock.

Strategies on Philanthropy offer guidance on the most effective ways to make charitable gifts and establish private foundations or donor advised funds. 

Electronic Safe Deposit Box provides a safe, convenient way to store critical financial and legal documents.