Investment Strategies

for Ferguson Wellman and West Bearing Clients


Ferguson Wellman provides a comprehensive suite of investment strategies that are developed by our own team of analysts using primarily individual securities. The strategy we craft for each asset class is mindful of how much risk we are willing to assume in exchange for an anticipated return. Each portfolio manager at Ferguson Wellman shoulders the responsibility to appropriately balance risk-and-return opportunities for each client. Whether it’s maximizing growth, income or capital preservation, we tailor each portfolio to achieve these outcomes.

View this sample portfolio for a balanced approach. Please note that every client portfolio is different based on risk/return parameters, income needs and other factors. 


Investment Strategies


Depending on client’s investment objectives and circumstances,alternative assets may appear at different points on this risk/return chart. Balanced portfolios are also customized to meet clients’ needs.  As such, balanced portfolios may be positioned across a wide portion of the curve.




Capital is allocated in accordance with analysis of the global economic landscape.


Diligence unclouded by emotion often reveals value overlooked by consensus.

manage RISK

Risk must be compensated by excess return or diversified away.


Catch the cycles, not the turn, and chart a sustainable course.


"Very little is needed to make a happy life;
it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking."

- Marcus Aurelius

institutional services

For more than 40 years, we have served a wide range of institutions.

Working with a consultant or a board of trustees, Ferguson Wellman and West Bearing Investments are tasked with managing a specific investment strategy or a balanced portfolio.

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wealth management
for individuals

Every client who selects Ferguson Wellman is in a unique place in his or her investing life and is facing different opportunities and challenges.

Ferguson Wellman and West Bearing Investments have the flexibility to provide meaningful investment resources suited to address all of our individual and family clients’ needs – today and in the future.

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communication AND EDUCATION

IT IS OUR GOAL to provide all clients with proactive communication and educational resources

that foster confidence in our firm to manage their investable assets.


At the beginning of each year and on a quarterly basis, we share our Investment Outlook through events, videos and publications that keep clients apprised on our views of the economy and capital markets.

Clients also receive our in-depth portfolio reports and Market Letter quarterly with the goal of prompting discussions with our portfolio managers. On a more frequent basis, we distribute Capital Markets and Investment Strategy updates as well as our Weekly Market Makers.  

Our client education programs set forth to help clients at any age and stage to have a better grasp of investment, financial and economic topics through our Glossary of Investment Terms and events that include: Investing Essentials, Retirement: Here or on the Horizon and Path to Financial Freedom.