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Our logo features a bronze coin of Marcus Aurelius Antonius, emperor of Rome from A.D. 161 to 180. According to historian Edward Gibbon, he governed with “an invariable spirit of wisdom and virtue” and that his was the only period in history in which

“The happiness of a great people was the sole object of government.”

During his campaigns on the Danube front fighting threats to the empire, Marcus Aurelius wrote his famous meditations that revealed a mind of great humanity and natural humility.




The american bison is an iconic creature symbolizing resilience, grace and the western path to growth and opportunity. An intelligent creature that survived near extinction, the bison is honored and adored by Native Americans, early western preservationists, and numerous individuals and institutions today.

Most animals attempt to outrun inclement weather, prolonging their exposure to the elements and, in doing so, weaken their conditions.

Only bison instinctively turn to face the storm
to find the quickest path to clear skies.

We take inspiration from this story of focus, strength and discipline.