We believe 

Our clients hire a team,

not an individual.

Each client is serviced by their portfolio manager and relationship associate, who address both day-to-day needs as well as long-term strategies and planning. Every client is also supported by a team of analysts and other professionals who share their expertise and experience on a myriad of issues that protect, inform and benefit our clients.

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Using individual securities

provide many benefits to our clients.

Individual securities allow greater control and flexibility so we can optimize clients’ tax situation and reduce fees. Through this approach, we can achieve diversification and tailor each portfolio specifically to every client’s risk tolerances and return requirements. Individual securities also afford us the ability to structure portfolios to meet a client’s liabilities, cash flow or income needs by limiting the sale of securities to raise cash. This reduces transaction costs to the portfolio.

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through managing our growth and retaining talent.

Since our inception in 1975, Ferguson Wellman has been an independent, employee-owned firm solely dedicated to investment management. Contrary to industry trends, we are committed to maintaining our employee ownership structure, as we believe it best serves our clients. We believe in managing our company growth carefully in order to continue providing the high level of personalized service our clients have expected from us for more than 40 years.

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