200 Miles. 36 Hours.

LynelleTarter_010_web_Posted by Lynelle Tarter, Marketing and Sales Associate The Resources Worth Routing section of our blog typically shares information and data that go beyond investment management.

As a company that thrives on data, we’d like to share the numbers behind an event that employees of Ferguson Wellman and West Bearing recently participated in over the weekend. It’s an iconic race steeped in tradition that has been around almost as long as our firm.

As the name infers, the Hood-to-Coast relay starts at the base of Timberline Lodge and ends on the sandy shore of the city of Seaside. Both elite and non-elite teams descend a volcano, navigate through Portland, ascend the Coastal range and slope down to the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, a relay walk and a high school challenge start in Portland and follow the same course to the coast.





Here is the ultra-relay race and our firm’s involvement – by the numbers:

  • Number of years in existence: 33
  • Length of course: approximately 200 miles
  • Length of event time from start to finish: 36 hours or less
  • Participants: 18,000 runners and walkers
  • Logistics: 3,000 vans
  • Volunteers: 3,600
  • Number of legs: 36
  • Length of legs: range from 3.36 miles to 7.72 miles
  • Number of runners on teams: 12
  • Number of teams: Limited to 1,050 running, 400 walking and 50 high school teams
  • Registration: For 15 years, the event has filled up on the first day to sign up
  • Size and scope: The largest relay race in the world
  • Record for the course: 15:44:55 by Nike Mambu Baddu in 1995
  • Dollars raised for Providence Cancer Center in 2013: More than $800,000
  • Our team name: Marcus Arunnerus, paying homage to Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius on Ferguson Wellman’s coin logo
  • Number of years we’ve run the course: five
  • Our firm’s 2014 finish time: 32:07:35



Click here for to see a trailer from a documentary about Hood-to-Coast from 2011.

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The event has become a pilgrimage our firm both enjoys and suffers through annually. Laces crossed Marcus Arunnerus will make it through the registration process for 2015.