Family Foundations

Serving family foundations is founded on Ferguson Wellman’s more than 40 years of experience serving institutions as well as individuals and multi-generational families. Working in partnership with trustees and administrators, we:

  • Establish investment policy guidelines reflecting their goals and objectives
  • Create and manage investment portfolios designed to foster growth and mitigate risk
  • Help develop strategies for distribution
  • Provide investment education programs and resources
  • Share timely communication about the economy and capital markets through email, publications and videos
  • Can offer best practices about nonprofit management through our:
    • Leadership experience in serving on more than 70 boards annually
    • Professional partner organizations we co-host educational events with for clients

In addition to providing web or printed quarterly reports that provide an aggregated, comprehensive presentation of the foundation’s assets, our portfolio managers and analysts meet with trustees and administrators to discuss the portfolio and lead discussions on any investment topics that are needed.

Ferguson Wellman also assists individuals and families who have not yet established a foundation. Through our experience and relationships with expert organizations, we navigate clients through the decision-making process and provide analysis on the most relevant and effective charitable vehicle options.