Individuals and Families

For more than 40 years, Ferguson Wellman has helped individuals and families navigate through the complexities of wealth management. We currently serve individual clients in over 30 states. Our minimum is $3 million.

We start with establishing clients’ goals and objectives to create their investment policy. From there, clients can follow one of two paths. Some will contact us periodically to help them navigate through other financial challenges and opportunities that arise throughout our relationship. Other clients prefer that we guide them through the milestones we anticipate they will face throughout their lives. We call this path our Wealth Management Framework.

Serving individuals and families beyond investment management:

  • Identifying income needs and optimizing after-tax returns
  • Aggregating value of assets and assessing net worth
  • Collecting and storing pertinent information in the event of an emergency
  • Analysis of large purchases and sales
  • Providing timely communication regarding the economy and capital markets
  • Offering family members education on savings, investing and retirement
  • Partnering with professionals to provide seamless service delivery:
    • Estate and tax planning
    • Trust services, gifting and charitable vehicle options
    • Customized lending and private banking
    • Expertise on wealth transition and heritage planning
    • Best practices on family businesses and foundations