By the nature of our profession, we work closely with accountants as we address our clients’ investment management needs.

As our relationships with clients grow, we enter discussions that go beyond investing. The expertise and perspective accountants bring to the conversation gives clients a broader perspective on decisions they need to make regarding all of their investments and financial matters.

Through our wealth management and investment management committees, we meet monthly to discuss best practices on how to serve our clients. These discussions include how we can work seamlessly to reduce complication, redundancy and tedious work for our clients and for the individual accountants or firms they have retained.

We welcome opportunities to meet with accounting firms to gain their perspective on how to best serve our shared clients and carefully grow our businesses. Each year, we invite accountants to our Investment Outlook presentations that provide our view on the economy and the capital markets. We are able to provide commentary throughout the year through our blog, To Coin a Phrase, Capital Markets Update emails, quarterly Investment Outlook video emails or a hosted lunch at your offices where we can share our investment views and learn more about your firm.

If you have been asked by a client for a referral – we are delighted to meet with anyone you know who is seeking investment management for assets starting at $3 million. For your convenience, you can click on the links view a broad of how we serve individuals and institutions. You can also click here to forward a link to our annual report for more in-depth information.

If you would like a packet of information delivered to you, please contact or call (503) 226-1444. We would welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting, give a presentation or participate in an RFP process.

As always, we are appreciative of the talent, expertise and service that our clients’ accountants are able to deliver over the years.