We’ve all heard the old cliché, “You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” That saying not only applies to our investment approach, but also how we manage and grow our firm.

The history of Ferguson Wellman is important to our employees as it provides clarity on important issues for us. From continually improving our client service to making strategic decisions on investment strategies we create or employ – many answers in our decision making come from our past.

In 1975, our founders Joe Ferguson and Norb Wellman, set forth to create a company that was going against the tide of our industry. In a time of mergers, acquisitions and consolidation, it “felt right” to take a hands-on approach to investing and portfolio management. At a time when advances in technology were making firms bigger and faster – Joe and Norb wanted to maintain that high level of service they believed in by growing methodically and intentionally.

Today, their vision is very much carried forth by our six principals, next generation of leadership and other employees serving our clients through their own area of expertise. Through our mission, Investment Excellence; Lifelong Relationships, we feel a direct connection to our past and will continue to foster that philosophy as Ferguson Wellman in everything we do for our clients.